Passivating is the process of making a material “passive” in relation to another material prior to using the materials together, or less affected by interactions in the environment of the materials’ use.

Advantages of Passivating Stainless Steel

Not sure how Passivating works? Passivation is a process that makes the metal less affected by the environment of future use. Find Out How Passivating Might Be For You.

Improves surface finish
Consistent & Guaranteed Results
We conform to the standards of QQ-P-35
Copper sulfate testing available

How Does It Work?

Prior to storing hydrogen peroxide in an aluminum container, the container can be passivated by rinsing it with a dilute solution of nitric acid and peroxide alternating with deionized water. The nitric acid and peroxide oxidize and dissolves any impurities on the inner surface of the container, and the deionized water rinses away the acid and oxidized impurities.