Medical & Surgical

Electropolishing for the Medical & Surgical Industries
Electropolishing is excellent for medical and surgical instruments, as the process allows for the necessary nuance and care in dealing with the tools' intricate shape. This process is far more effective than other finishing methods, such as hand-polishing or other mechanical finishes.


Electropolishing for the Semiconductor Industry
In order to achieve a beautifully smooth and clean surface, electropolishing allows for the utmost cleanliness, which is important for devices commonly housed in clean rooms, such as those in the semiconductor industry.


Electropolishing for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Electropolishing is usually the first choice for finishing the high-purity systems in which pharmaceutical industry equipment and surface are used.

Brewery & Beverage

Electropolishing for the Brewery & Beverage Industries
One of the most significant ways that electropolishing can benefit the brewery and beverage industries is its ability to deburr the edges of the stainless steel metal, removing micro imperfections and creating the smoothest possible surface.


Electropolishing for the Architectural Industry
In the architectural industry, it is important to begin the construction process with finished materials that follow city project guidelines. At Control Electropolishing, we produce quality materials that meet regional and industry requirements.

Vacuum Technology

Electropolishing for the Vacuum Technology Industry
In the creation of vacuum technology, electropolishing allows for a rust-resistant finish that removes burrs and other impurities from the material, improving performance and the life of the metal product.

Metal Fabrication

Electropolishing for the Metal Fabrication Industry
Electropolishing is a perfect metal fabrication solution for removing these contaminants from the surface of the metal.

Fine Arts

Electropolishing for the Fine Arts Industry
For many sculptures crafted from metal, a mirror-like finish is desired, which can be achieved by the electropolishing process.