Benefits of Electropolishing for Sculpture-Making and Fine Arts

When crafting metal sculptures, it is important for the durability and the aesthetics of the art piece that the metal surface be smooth, shiny, and rust-resistant. For many sculptures crafted from metal, a mirror-like finish is desired, which can be achieve by the electropolishing process.

The forged and welded parts of the fine art piece can be electropolished to both shine brightly and withstand the elements. This process is perfect for metal artwork that is to be displayed outside or near water.

Recently, we at Control Electropolishing electropolished a rose made from stainless steel to be used as a wedding center piece. Most of our similar work is done purely for aesthetic reasons in which the customer requires a bright reflective surface finish, regardless of the surface texture.

Our Work

Among our electropolished artwork has been the United Nations roadblocks in New York City that were pickled and passivated, installed to cover the cement blocks in front of this important building.