What are Semiconductors?

Semiconductors are common materials found in many everyday electronic devices. The electrical conductivity of these materials, or how strongly the material transmits electrical currents, is between that of conductors and that of insulators. In the semiconductor industry, electropolishing plays a key role in ensuring a beautiful and smooth surface.

Meeting Industry Requirements

SEMI F19 are the semiconductor industry standard guidelines for the quality of stainless steel wetted surface components used in semiconductor chemical gas or liquid distribution systems. At Control Electropolishing, we adhere to the latest industry guidelines to ensure our materials are both safe and of the highest quality.

How Can Control Electropolishing Help?

In order to achieve a beautifully smooth and clean surface, electropolishing allows for the utmost cleanliness, which is important for devices commonly housed in clean rooms, such as those in the semiconductor industry. Electropolishing allows access to areas inaccessible to other polishing methods, and the process makes the surface of the material or device easier to sterilize.

The process also makes possible the passivation of semiconductor industry materials, or the process by which a material becomes corrosion-resistant to the environment for future use.