Electropolishing and Its Architectural Benefits

The foundation of any solid, sturdy building are the materials from which it is made. Parts and materials must be appropriately shaped and finished to ensure not only stability and strength throughout the structure, but also cleanliness, as the electropolishing process strips the outermost layer of the metal in order to achieve a smooth, cleanable surface that is both structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing.

In the architectural industry, it is important to begin the construction process with finished materials that follow city project guidelines. At Control Electropolishing, we produce quality materials that meet regional and industry requirements.

Control Electropolishing and the Architectural Industry

The size and shape of the metals used in the architectural industry can be quite large, necessitating the use of capable machinery and processes. At Control Electropolishing, our 10-feet-long electrochemical tanks can process a wide variety of metal sizes and shapes, making the finishing of large building materials possible.