Electropolishing, also known as electrochemical polishing or electrolytic polishing (especially in the metallography field), is an electrochemical process that removes material from a metallic workpiece. It is used to polish, passivate, and deburr metal parts. It is often described as the reverse of electroplating. It may be used in lieu of abrasive fine polishing in microstructural preparation. Electropolishing accommodates a broad range of products. It can be used on most types of stainless steel, and some other alloys as well, and our 10ft. long, 4 ft. deep electrochemical tanks can handle a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

Electropolishing Is Our Specialty

Polish, passivate, and deburr metal parts with this process.
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Medical, surgical and dental instruments
Boating, fishing and swimming pool accessories
Tennis racquets
Pharmaceutical research equipment
Meat and fish hooks
Wire goods
Aircraft components

Benefits of Electropolishing

  • Chromium enrichment of the surface resulting from properly controlled processing
  • Creates a clean, uniform finish
  • Removes burrs and weld marks
  • Superior to passivation
  • Aesthetic appeal: Bright, highly reflective appearance
  • Improves Sterilization
  • Surface resistance to the impregnation of bacteria
  • Chemically-bonded oxide layer resists corrosion for many years
  • Improved fatigue life of springs and stampings by removing surface impurities
  • Causes no hydrogen embrittlement, coatings or residues
  • Need for multiple finishing operations is eliminated