CONTROL ELECTROPOLISHING CORPORATION (CEC) is an electropolishing and metal finishing company.

Pioneering Precision Surface Finishing Since 1959

Our Expertise

For over six decades, Control Electropolishing Corporation has specialized in providing exceptional corrosion-resistant stainless steel components to the medical device and surgical industries. Our core processes include:

· Electropolishing
· Passivating
· Pickling

Customer-Centric Excellence

Since our founding in 1959, CEC’s unwavering goal has been to deliver unmatched customer satisfaction through superior quality, performance, and reliability. This customer-centric approach has allowed us to build industry leadership and become the preferred choice nationwide.

Synonymous with Excellence

Control Electropolishing Corp. delivers satisfaction, quality, and best-in-class results consistently. Our name has become synonymous with excellence in the American metal finishing industry over our six-decade legacy.

Ambitious Growth Journey

What started as a humble electropolishing job shop in Freeport, New York, has evolved into an ambitious and dynamic metal finishing complex contributing to the regional and national economy. Our growth is driven by a powerful combination of advanced technology, diversity, commitment to safety, and dedication to our processes.

65 Years of Innovation

In this, our 65th anniversary, we reaffirm our adherence to the fundamentals that have defined us – efficiency, quality, and continuous innovation – to set new benchmarks in the industry. Our current market leadership motivates us to keep offering the best as a company.

Our History

1959: Founded by Charles Morla, Jr. as an electropolishing job shop in Freeport, NY.

1972: Relocated to our present facility in Brooklyn, NY.

1991: Nancy Zapata takes over, eventually becoming President & CEO and achieving Minority Women’s Business Enterprise certification.

2007: Process line expansion through a new pickling and passivating system with funding from the Environmental Services Unit of the New York State Department of Economic Development. Adopted sustainability initiatives like the transition from the use of nitric acid to the eco-friendly citric acid.

2017: The company relocated its offices from Brooklyn to Queens in response to the expansion of its Packaging, and Quality Control departments.

2018: Conducted a Pollution Prevention Study to reduce environmental impact and implement cost-saving measures. Reduced the company’s carbon footprint by implementing methods to reduce the volume and weight of the dissolved solids.

2023: Completed the Identification of Water Reduction and Recycling Opportunities study with the NYS Pollution Prevention Institute and the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). This marked another significant milestone in the company’s goal of zero industrial discharge and recycling its waste waters after removing dissolved solids in 2015.

Our Standards

CEC is a conformance-driven organization fostering a climate of quality. Our validated equipment and processes comply with CFR standards for medical device subcontractors, and we’ve increased capacity by 20% to meet growing demand.


ISO 9001:2015
Standard for quality management systems (QMS)

ASTM A967-05
Chemical passivation for stainless steel products.

ASTM B912-00
Passivation of stainless steels using electropolishing.

ASTM A380-99
Cleaning, descaling, passivation of stainless-steel parts, equipment, and systems.

QQP 35 Type II Rev C
Federal standard for passivation.

Standard Specification for Passivation of Stainless Steel Using Electropolishing

Stainless Steel and Higher Alloy Product Contact Surface Finishes

Passivation of Corrosion Resistant Steels

Standard No. 1407
Electropolishing Procedure for 17-4 PH

With 65 years of pioneering expertise, Control Electropolishing Corporation continues to set new standards in metal finishing through our customer-centric approach, commitment to quality, sustainability initiatives, and culture of continuous innovation.